In this post we will see where can you get clean free android ROMs for your android phone.

Also they are updated frequently so you get the latest version for your android phone. With that being said, I just want to say one another thing, and it is I am not sponsored to any of these websites which are in the video as well as the blog post. So let’s get started!



In needrom you can find almost any android ROM, the only thing you have to do is to have a account in needrom. I think you can also post a new ROM there, but I am not sure. But for my devices I find all of the ROMs pretty easily. Once thing you have to take care of is that you have to check weather the ROM is the latest version for your android device, because needrom can sometimes give you an older version of ROM for your device. So Take care and do some research before download your ROM.
Visit needrom



FIRMWARE FILE is a website that I believe will give you the latest ROM for your device, It also has a big database containing almost all the devices. Here you can even get and old ROM or a new ROM, where in needrom if a new version is updated, old one will be deleted. But downloading on both needrom and FIRMWARE FILES, will give the drivers, appropriate flashing software and some extra files with them, so its an all in one packages if you download.

Carbon Tesla


Although I never used Carbon Tesla, I thought It was worth mentioning in this blog as someone may find this website useful. As of me, I have browsed this website for around an hour and find all the flagship phones, If you have something like Samsung S7 or something flagship then you can find your ROM here, also I think custom ROMs are also available in this website.
Visit Carbon Tesla

Bonus : OpenGApps

OpenGApps is an open source project, which gives you Google Apps for your new flashed custom ROMs which don’t have Google Apps preinstalled, as you can see it provides GApps for different platforms in different versions, The smallest is atleast 100 MB and the largest is about 1.1 GB. You can get all of the Google Apps for free, the only thing you have to get is a custom Recovery to flash the ZIP file and some memory to install those apps into your device.


So, the complete tutorial video is available at my YouTube channel and is also there below this post, In which I show about how you can download these ROMs and what come with the downloaded ROMs. Make sure you watch the video. Thank You And Have A Nice Day!