I found this new Linux operating system called Enso.

Today I will be writing the review of it. I have 3 computers, a laptop which my mother uses, an All-In-One PC which my father uses, and my desktop PC which I use for making YouTube videos. On my father’s All-In-One computer, we try different Linux distributions and one of them was Enso OS.

Enso is a relatively new Linux operating system based on the famous Ubuntu or the Xubuntu in particular.

Presently project Enso is only developed by an individual named Nick Wilkins. It is based on the XFCE as it’s desktop environment and Gala as it’s default window manager, which is imported from elementary OS.


The bottom application launcher you get to see is the Plank dock. According to distrowatch, the average rating of Enso OS is 8.5 out of 10. As of my father, the installation went very well and there were no errors or warnings. Even all the packages updated without a problem and it has Mozilla Firefox Quantum as it’s default internet browser.

Although, there was one issue while downloading the Enso OS’s ISO image from Sourceforge. But it was due to the local mirror link that Sourceforge has given me. I could easily fix it by changing the mirror.

The theme and the windows control buttons of Enso OS look like macOS though, but this is just my opinion. The Plank dock below takes the rest of the screen at the bottom, rendering the space useless.

Other than that, there are no issues with the operating system. It can be easily used as a daily or main operating system and I recommend it.

Below are the links for downloading Enso OS:

Download Enso From Sourceforge
Enso Official Website

Thank You!