Today we are going to flash an MTK6582 Android Phone.

This method applies to any phone running MTK chipset! In this post I will be using a Micromax A120, and Explay Fresh is a clone to it. So if you are owner of the following phones then you should be good to go.

  • Micromax A120 Canvas Colors
  • BLU Studio 5.0 C HD
  • Wiko Rainbow
  • MyPhone Aqua Rio
  • QMobile i9
  • Explay Fresh

Things You Need

  • Stock ROM
  • Drivers
  • SP Flash Tools
  • A Data Cable

So, If you are having all of the three, then just follow the step from here. If you don’t have SP Flash Tools or the Stock ROM for your phone. Then below is a link to go to a different article to download stock and custom ROMs for your device.

Stock ROM & Custom ROMs

Now let me tell you what is the difference between a stock and a custom ROM. Stock ROM is and Android Firmware given by the manufacture of your phone, and custom ROM is a flavor on top of stock ROM, It just adds some extra features to the stock ROM, so you can do much more than a Stock, So now coming to the point in this tutorial, we will be using a stock ROM.

SP Flash Tools

Now SP Flash Tools, Or formally know as Smart Phone Flash Tool, is a software which is used to flash you MediaTek Smart Phone. You can download SP Flash Tools by clicking the download button below.
Download SP Flash Tool

Downloading & Installing Drivers

Now you need to download a driver called USB VCOM driver, because SP Flash Tool uses your phone’s COM port to flash the ROM, so to download the driver simply click on the download button below.
Download USB VCOM Drivers

Now that you have drivers installed, SP Flash Tools installed and have a ROM to flash into your device, lets just get started!

How To Flash

Making Your Device Ready

Now to prepare your device for flashing a new stock ROM in it is very simple. Just remove its battery, SIM card and SD card. If you have any more components attached to your device, then just remove all, because we need only the phone, I literally mean only the phone, nothing else.

Making Your PC Ready

Now Open SP Flash Tools, in your PC, by running it as administrator. Once it launches it should look something like this.

Loading A Scatter File

Now First thing you have to do is to load a scatter file. A scatter file is a file that tells SP Flash Tools the location of the files and where to write them in your phone. To load a scatter file it is very simple, just click on the Scatter-loading button in SP Flash Tools and select the file, generally it will be in your download ROM folder. Select It.

Selecting A Download Mode

Now, you cannot select Download Only mode, either you can select Firmware Upgrade or Format All + Download. Now if you are selecting Firmware Upgrade mode, your NVRAM data and IMEI number will not be removed. I highly recommend you to select Firmware Upgrade Mode. If you want your phone to be messed up them, select Format All + Download, because it will erase your NVRAM data and IMEI number, and without IMEI number you will not be able to connect to your SIM network.

Start Flashing

Now simply press the Download button to start flashing, but make sure your phone is not connected. After around 10 to 20 seconds just connect the phone, again only the piece, nothing else.

Once connected you PC should now start flashing your phone. Once done you will get a green tick mark. Now you can unplug your phone and start your phone, with the new stock ROM installed.


One most important thing I would like to tell you is that, never disturb your device while flashing process is going on. Or else you will end up with a dead phone, which never works. Also make sure you watch my video completely to understand how to flash. And make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more stuff about Micromax A120, Explay Fresh, Wiko Rainbow, BLU Studio 5.0 C HD and also MyPhone Aqua Rio and QMobile i9.