Hey buddy, did you experience any problems installing Xposed Framework?

If yes then you are at the right place. In this post you will find a complete guide on how to install and use Xposed Framework. In this tutorial we will install Xposed Framework 3.1.1

The Real Scenario

So, when you see a video on YouTube or check out a website on how to install Xposed, what happens is they just use a old version of Xposed as a result, you need to use a custom recovery to flash files and it is a pretty complicated process to install Xposed on a latest android. I have tested latest Xposed at this time and it is version 3.1.1 and works till Android Marshmallow Or Android 6.0. If any new version is released I will be post a new update and also upload a video on my YouTube channel, so make sure to subscribe to my channel.

The Procedure

Downloading Files

Now we need to download the Xposed Installer APK. So, below are two buttons, the red one is the direct download to the file. The grey one will take you to a download mirror. Also note that the direct link is hosted in Google Drive by myself, and the mirror is from apkmirror.com. If you are downloading from the mirror link make sure to download the latest version.
Download Xposed Installer 3.1.1 (Vasanth Developer).apk
Visit apkmirror.com

Installing Xposed Framework Installer

As you know the downloading process can be directly done on the device itself. Now once you have the apk, just open it, and tap on install to install it on your android device.

Activating Xposed Framework

Once the app is installed, just tap on top most button, in Install/Update section. Now you should see a menu something like this.

Just tap on Install, once the installation is completed, your device should prompt you to reboot your device. Just Reboot. Also make sure not to fiddle with the device, because it may brick your device. Now this method should work for most of the devices. If you run into a problem, just re-flash the whole android, its always better to take a backup. I recommend you to install Xposed after you have root and custom recovery installed, so you can have a complete backup and can restore it.

If this method doesn’t work for your device. Just tap on Install Via Recovery and make sure you have CWM or TWRP recovery installed.


After a proper reboot, if you launch the Xposed Installer again, you should have a green tick instead of a red exclamatory mark. It should say Xposed Framework version is active. Now you can download and use Xposed Modules from the download section.

If you want to know more or know in detail about how to install Xposed Framework, please watch the below video, also make sure to subscribe.