In this post I will give you my 6 best and free Material Design frameworks for your websites.

Most of them are CSS frameworks and you can use them not only in HTML but also other website building languages like PHP etc. So, without wasting any time, let’s start.



Materialize is a CSS framework, which is most widely used, according to the internet. It is a combination of CSS + JS, and you can download it, get it via npm or bower. Also they have a CDN network, so you can get the latest minified version. It has the largest amount of Material Design components, among all the other frameworks.
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Material Design Lite


On the other side, MDL is also kinda similar framework, but I think it looks more better than Materialize. I don’t know weather it is my opinion or something else. They have a huge set of components and also a theme chooser, with which you can apply different themes, to a website created using this framework.
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If you are designing a website for a mobile or a tablet, basically a low end devices, where you cannot do much processing. MUI gives you the best result. It is a simple and light weight Material Design CSS framework. Although there is one drop point and it is you don’t get any pre-made themes with this framework. You have to start from scratch. You will find a simple starter HTML code snippet, and some layout ideas.
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Material Foundation


If you are searching for a straight foreword CSS framework, then Material Foundation is a good framework to consider. It is so simple that, you get to know what Material Foundation can do for you, within seconds of visiting the homepage. Also there is not option to use npm, bower or CDN. You just have to download the complete ZIP file to get started.
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This main goal of the CSS framework is to give Bootstrap elements a Material theme. And yes it is doing great. This CSS framework is based on Bootstrap 4, which is latest. Also I did not see any other option to start except downloading the complete ZIP package.
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Not everybody is good at HTML websites, so I got a little advanced. This is LumX, it is based on SASS, AngularJS and some JQuery. All the components I have seen are in super high quality. So, if you are searching for a more robust framework to support your big web application. LumX will come into place.
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My final thoughts are, it depends on you. If it is you, who develops a website using a framework, first of all you should be comfortable with it. Next are its features, and the last comes its popularity. Still there are several CSS frameworks which are not popular but are awesome.

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