After a long time, here is another post.

Today we will take a look at 9 HTML templates of 2018, which I found are awesome. Actually, I was learning how to create my own Linux Distro or Respin. It took approximately one month of extreme trial and error with no success. That is the reason I could not post more articles on this website. With that being said, let’s get started.

Although I did not personally use or try to modify these templates, I have downloaded each of them and tried playing & these are the 9 best of them.



Global is the best HTML template I found. You can download it from GitHub. To download click on the link below. The template is not a boring one, this time the layout is a bit different and the animations are simply fabulous. It is a one-page template and has Home, Works, About, Contact sections with a Hire Us section also. It also includes the original PSD files, so you can take a look at those also.
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Radius is a beautiful template by Radius is perfect for create portfolios with images of different resolutions and ratios. It has a grid layout similar to Instagram, Unsplash and some other popular online image services. This template offers two other layouts, this first one is to view a horizontally stretched image, and the second for vertical images.
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Pato is an HTML template for Hotels or Restaurants. This is the best design I have seen so far, it has everything needed for a hotel or restaurant, with a Menu page, and other pages like Reservation, Gallery, About, Blog and a Contact page. It’s perfectly designed home page has many parallax effects with many eye-candy animations.
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Avana is another portfolio template and also a grid style blog template. This template loads fast and has eye-pleasing animations while you scroll the page. Avana comes with a Blog layout, an About and Contact page. The source code of this theme is robust and clear. Also, there are very few CSS design errors than compared with other templates in this list.
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Colid is a landing page for a mobile app again by Colorlib. It has a beautiful design and is a one-page template. The theme has great line icons in its services and features section, with a frequently asked questions section also, it has a very nice looking blog posts section on its homepage.
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Landed is an HTML template from the popular HTML5UP. Although it is not made in 2018. I think it is very twenty eighteenish. It has a very beautiful parallax effect which impresses the viewers. The template comes with three layouts and a generic page with all the elements.
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Massively is a blog template again by the popular HTML5UP. I don’t know why HTML5UP is not posting new free templates regularly, but still, these templates are really good. This template has a background image that keeps scrolling until the end of the page. There are three layouts, the homepage, a generic page and an elements page for a reference.
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Spatial is an HTML landing page template by Templated. It has three layouts, a homepage, a generic page and an elements page. It is a clean template and is the best option if you want to tinker and extend your template. If you want to add some more layouts or pages, tweak the CSS.
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Bootstrap 4 Blog Layout


Of course, this is not a full HTML template, but it is a Bootstrap 4 example blog layout. This is also a great option if you are a web developer and want to test your creativity. Bootstrap 4 is a robust CSS framework, so if you have a really popular and a big blog with lots of posts. Bootstrap 4 should be your choice.


HTML templates are the bare bones of your website if you are using one. An ideal HTML template should load fast and be optimized. It should also be eye-pleasing and functional. HTML templates save a lot of time if used in a proper way. Again, I lost the habit of writing good posts, if you think this post did not reach the quality, then please wait for a few weeks to get the things up going like normal.

Thank You 🙂