In this post we will see about 9 Useful Websites For Designers & Developers.

So If you are reading this post, then probably you might have seen my YouTube video, and if not you can find it below this post. So with that being said, let get started.

Material UI Colors

Material UI Colors is by Panda Network, It gives you the exact Google’s Selected colors without altering the color code.
Visit Material UI Colors

Flat UI Colors


Flat UI Colors gives you the perfect colors if you are using Flat UI in your project or websites. It is also by Panda Network.
Visit Flat UI Color



Want Free Royalty Free Pictures, then the best option is Unsplash as it provides free do what ever you want high quality pictures.
Visit Unsplash

iConvert Icons


iConvert Icons is a website that convert png and jpg images into ico (Windows Icons) and icns (macOS Icons), for free, but it shares all of its converted icons to public. I mean no privacy.
Visit iConvert Icons



Iconfinder is pretty good website for finding many icons, you can also get icons in different styles like flat, material, glyph and many more.
Visit Iconfinder



Codeanywhere is most useful for developers but not designers because it is meant for programming it is like and IDE and is online so where ever you you take the code with you.
Visit Codeanywhere

1001 Fonts


1001 Fonts has around 1 millon font according to me, and I am sure if you are searching for a font which is made for you then you will find it there.
Visit 1001 Fonts



Freebiesbug is the only place where you will find everything for free, I mean all kinds of stuff from HTML Templates to Fonts To PSD Mockups.
Visit Freebiesbug



CodyHouse is the best website for those people who are web designers as it gives you the best web design nugets and much more for completely free.
Visit CodyHouse