In this post I will tell you about a different and new operating system from Google.

You all know about Chrome OS on Chromebook, and the wast world of Android right? Now its time for a new OS. Let’s see how this new OS started and what is its condition now.

The Story Of Fuchsia OS ?

So, on August 2016, a mysterious repository was created on GitHub by Google. This title of the repo was Fuchsia and the description was Pink + Purple = Fuchsia. After some research, people have found that Google is developing a new operating system called Fuchsia. But Google did not officially announce anything about this new OS. After inspecting the code people understood its comparability. It could run from a signal light up to a personal computer. So, it is a universal operating system. Unlike other Google Operating Systems, Fuchsia is not based on Linux Kernel. It is based on a micro kernel which is called Magenta and is further derivative of Little Kernel. On May 2017, a website called Ars Technica wrote about the new UI for Fuchsia OS, earlier it was just an command line Operating System.

UI Preview Of Fuchsia OS

I somehow got the Fuchsia OS, on to my android device and got a screen shot of it. Finally I have inserted it into a mockup for you. Check the image below to check out how Fuchsia OS looks, you can also click on the image to get bigger picture. For further detailed information about the Fuchsia OS interface, please watch the video below this post.


What can you expect from Fuchsia OS?

Currently Fuchsia OS is just like a baby, we have to wait for some time so Google can develop it. Personally I have not seen the actual OS, but played an hour with the Fuchsia OS Mockup, and go to understand. Unlike other operating systems, Fuchsia OS is an Real-time Operating System, currently I don’t know what is real-time OS, but soon I will know and tell you.


For advanced developers Fuchsia OS is an opportunity to learn something new and different other than the Windows, Linux and Unix. Because there are only three kernels and all the other OSs are based on them. And Fuchsia OS is something new. For new users, due to the fact that Fuchsia OS is an real-time OS and runs almost everywhere, they are going to find unified software, same interface, compatibility between different device and much more.

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