In this post, we will learn about how we can create a first-class website without any money.

We are going to use GitHub as our site host, Now many of you will say that GitHub is not a web hosting provider, I agree to you but, we cannot host a PHP or a dynamic website, except Jekyll. So it’s fine hosting a small website in it. So, let get started.

Signing Up To GitHub

Now I will guide you through the complete signup process of the GitHub. To get started just go to and click on the signup button. Now follow the process as shown in the video below.

Creating Repository

Note that your repository should be like the pattern:


and make sure you follow this strictly, because it is case sensitive so make sure you are doing it well, or your website won’t publish.

You can create a new repository very simply, by clicking on the plus icon near your profile picture. It is always better to launch a new repository with a readme file and a license. Did you know that GitHub will also suggest you any new names for your repository? Check them out.

Uploading Files

To upload files, simply click on the upload button on the repository page and make sure that the main page or the home page of your website in named index.html or index.htm or else your website won’t work. It will show a 404 file not found error when you visit your website.

Checking Website

As seen in the video, after you see the published message on the settings page of the repository, just go to the and you should see your new website hosted on GitHub. If you don’t see your website, please comment on the YouTube video and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank You!