I am very happy to announce that Vasanth Developer's YouTube channel has now reached 500 subscribers!

Well, there are some changes I am bringing to the channel. I would also like to share my experience on the playlist that I committed to make. Yeah, I stopped it. At the beginning I was quite excited and had felt happy because for the next 30 videos, I don't need to find content.

But then, gradually as I started making videos one by one, I started loosing my interest. Also the view of the Ghost related videos was not as good as expected, which took the interest out of me even faster. Finally, I decided to stop making Ghost Tutorials anymore. Also, anywhere in the near future, I won't be doing any series or playlist. Thats is because I don't want to make false promise to my audience.

Speaking of Ghost, this website is now completely migrated to Ghost. Earlier I used to use WordPress as our backend and now I switched it. All the posts/stories/articles available before this story are just a backup of the earlier articles that I wrote in WordPress. From now onwards, I will start writing better content.

If you are following me then you might know that I am working to create my own Linux distro/re-spin. During this process, I have learned a lot of things in the Linux world, that I want to share.

So, you will start to see a lot of Linux content on the YouTube channel as well as on the website, and no this does not mean I won't be covering Windows related content anymore.

Finally, as said above there are new things being added to this website. So, please email me at [email protected] if you find any error or bugs on the website.

Thank You :)