It has been around two months since I left making YouTube videos, and as I said earlier I have been trying for a long time to create my own Linux distro.

I have come back to make videos again. Today I will show you 4 of the best Ghost hosting companies. Although I did not try hosting a Ghost blog on each company, I did a fair amount of research to know which is the best.

Ghost (Pro)


The official Ghost hosting is my number one choice for hosting a Ghost blog. That is because you don’t need to manage your server when means you need not worry about updating your server software, keeping viruses and malware away, take backups or even troubleshoot if something is not working. Ghost (Pro) hosting is going to take care of everything for you. As soon as you buy hosting at Ghost (Pro), they automatically install the latest version of Ghost for you.

This option is the best if you just want to care about your content, not waste hours of time wasting how to get your blog up and running. I recommend you Ghost (Pro) if you are not a technical person. It is really the easiest method to get a professional Ghost blog running in minutes.

Digital Ocean


DigitalOcean is the second in our Ghost hosting companies. When compared with Ghost (Pro) if you have more then one Ghost blog to host, then Digital Ocean is a better choice then Ghost (Pro), because as you may have observed. Ghost (Pro) costs a bit more than others, that is because they manage everything for you. But on Digital Ocean, you have full control of what you are getting, which again means it’s you who have to set up everything and install Ghost on your server. There are many one-click installer scripts for installing a Ghost blog at Digital Ocean, but you have to take care of many things in order to maintain your server.

If you are planning to host multiple Ghost blogs and know how to manage a web server, then Digital Ocean is a reliable and best solution.

A2 Hosting


A2 is the third in our Ghost hosting companies. If you live in India just like me, then A2 is a good choice as it offers Ghost hosting at a cheaper price. If you care about the price you pay for your website, then hosting your Ghost blog on A2 is a good solution. Also, A2 has their servers more widely spread in the world than compared to others, so you can read a good speed if you correctly optimize your Ghost installation. In near future, if I will migrate my WordPress website to Ghost, then A2 will be my hosting provider.

If price and speed matters to you, then A2 hosting is another great option to host your new Ghost blog.

Amazon AWS


I absolutely do not recommend a beginner to use Amazon Web Services as there is a lot of setting up involved. The only reason I included AWS on this list of Ghost hosting companies is that it gives one year of free Ghost hosting, which no other hosting company gives. After that one year of hosting AWS might not be a good option to hosting one single Ghost blog. Of course, if you have many Ghost blogs then AWS is a great choice but just for one Ghost installation, I don’t think it is a good decision.


Finally, as you have read the complete list, I would say only two things. The above list if just my opinion and research combined. If you have a different view on this, then it is totally okay. You are the owner of your website/blog and it is you who should take the right decision. Different Ghost blogs need different resources, and hence different hosting companies give you.

Please check out my Ghost Tutorials Playlist on YouTube to learn everything about Ghost blogs. I will also feel happy if you watch the below video.